Experiment your way to a life without limits

Go from overthinking life to living it.

The four languages is a deceivingly simple but powerful framework that helps you tap into the full experience of being human (without going off the rails, or setting it all on πŸ”₯).It helps you cross-pollinate between different types of knowing and being so you can be both curious AND critical about what serves you and who you want to be(come).All by running weekly venture experiments. See an example below πŸ‘‡

How does it work?

The approach helps you intentionally unlearn, live and take risks with an open heart.You decide how easy or hard you'll make your venture, which means you'll have an endless ability to expand through the same framework.

1. Design your weekly venture

Receive your weekly newsletter to design your experiment.
Create your own venture, or use the example from the email.

2. Run your venture

Run the experiment (with the support from the template)!

3. Reflect and adapt

Reflect on how you felt.Loved it? Keep going! Hated it? Let it go.The magic of experimenting is knowing that it’s only for a week.
You can do anything for a week.

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Want more support?

The Four Languages doesn't only exist in πŸ’Œ.The live community comes with weekly venture calls and monthly expert sessions to support your expansion, and connect you with others exploring how they do life.To create change and expansion, you need a safe space.
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What is included?

The free πŸ’Œ membership includes

  • A weekly venture example to experiment with (+ a template to create your own)

The paid* live membership includes

Small groups to support e.g. people changing their lifestyle and for long-term nomads.

  • Quarterly: 60 min call to plan & design your direction for the upcoming months

  • Weekly: 60 min (live) coaching call to reflect and design the weekly venture experiment + connect with peers

  • Weekly: Personal experiment examples (or a template to create your own)

  • Access to the Four Languages framework & tools for using it in your daily life

  • A library of past experiment examples

  • Private Slack channels for connecting, asking questions & sharing resources with peers

  • Expert events & surprise goodies πŸ‘€

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